TP 180 VS

Parallel lathe with electronic variator and digital readout

TP 180 VS - Parallel lathe with electronic variator and digital readout

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Bed high made of tensile cast iron FC 25 Bed ways are hardened and ground Gears in headstock are hardened and ground Feed rod is equipped with over load safety clutch Rapid brake Electronic speed regulation with costant speed cut Digital readout with electronic speed regulation CE safety protection

Standard Accessories

Steady rest, follow rest, 4-way tool post, self-centring door backplate, face place, 3-jaw chuck, rear guard, chip tray, cooling system, low-voltage work lamp, tailstock centre, reduction sleeves, service wrenches and user manual.


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UM Value
Centre height mm 180
Centre distance mm 1000
Maximum swing over bed mm 356
Swing over gap mm 506
Swing over cross slide mm 220
Bed width mm 206
Spindle bore mm 30
Cam-Lock attachment D1-4
Spindle nose CM 5
Speed range rpm 30 ÷ 550 / 155 ÷ 3000
Main motor power kW 1,5 / 2,4
Coolant pump kW 0,04
Quill travel mm 120
Quill Morse Taper CM 3
Travel of cross slide mm 180
Travel of top slide mm 95
Longitudinal metric feed mm/rev 0,043 ÷ 0,653
Longitudinal inches feed inch/rev 0,0012 ÷ 0,0294
Cross metric feed mm/rev 0,027 ÷ 0,413
Cross inches feed inch/rev 0,0004 ÷ 0,01
Metric pitch threads mm 0,4 ÷ 7
Whitworth threads BSW 4 ÷ 56 T.P.I
Electrical supply V/Hz 400/50
Dimensions mm 1820x740x1250
Weight kg 750