The echoENG TOOLS range, which is articulated in 6 sections, provides industrial for every market needs. Machine tools and specific equipment (lathes, drilling machines, saws, car workshop and woodworking equipment), cutting tools (drills, mills, taps, and milling countersinks), manual tools (sets of wrenches, pilers, screwdrivers etc.), automotive equipment (lifting systems, sandblasters and workshop equipment) and measuring instruments from echoCONTROL range (calippers, micrometers, dial indicators, multimeter, etc.)

Advance Logistics

The customer is notified when the order is received, when the goods availability/shipment status update and when a repaired item status is updated

Pre- and After-Sales Service

We help our customers to identify the most suitable technical solutions, for which we then offer maintenance and assistance services.

Target Distribution

In order to maximize efficiency, echoRD set up its logistics platform in a strategic location, North of Milan, Italy, which ensures access to the main transportation arteries.

Our references